• A strong initial recording is the first step toward an incredible sounding project. This is best achieved in a comfortable, great sounding room with amazing equipment in the hands of a seasoned professional. But let's not forget about people skills! At the end of the day, we're here to help you create something you'll love. Putting you at ease and maintaining good communication is key.

    At Oakwood we can record just about anything you can throw at us! Whether on location or in the studio, our selection of professional equipment allows us to begin painting your sonic picture any way you like from the first take, rather than simply depending on “fixing it in the mix”. From guitars and drums to that perfect vocal track, we go to great lengths to ensure your takes sound right for the song.

    Speaking of vocals, our vocal setup is especially good — in fact, it’s world class! Our collection of great mics, a wide palette of colors from our high end preamps, and top shelf A/D converters offer amazing versatility and quality for any style. From an airy ballad to a screaming rock vocal to a warm voiceover, we deliver the goods!

    Of course, having a cabinet full of industry standard microphones means very little if you don’t have an experienced professional choosing the right ones for the part and placing them in the best position. To do this an engineer or producer must know what feel the artist wants for a song, internally “hear” the part in that context, determine what must be done to the track during mixing, and then use their ears to capture the sound for the track that will allow him to achieve that sound in the most efficient way during mixing. And while there are certain norms and guidelines for miking different types of things, there are no hard, fast rules. Folks who understand the artistic as well as the technical sides of production are very hard to find, but that’s exactly what you’ll get at Oakwood.

    Besides our extensive audio capabilities, we have an extremely powerful MIDI setup as well. At the heart of it is the incredible Kurzweil keyboard/sampler/controller with a huge library of some of the best sounds on the planet! Next in the lineup is the Korg Triton with its super friendly user interface, lush sonic textures, and in-your-face electronic drum sounds. Add to this a variety of virtual synths and drums on the computer, and you’ve got one of the most versatile MIDI rigs around. From a little extra “something” here and there to a fully revved up electronic soundtrack, our MIDI setup is one more way Oakwood helps your music stand out above the rest!