• Located in central Kentucky, Oakwood Recording Studios serves clients on local, national, and international levels in the fields of music and audio production. It was created specifically to provide an environment that inspires creativity and offers an alternative to traditional recording studios. Uniquely located within the founder's residence for convenience and comfort, Oakwood Recording Studios is equipped to host all stages of music and audio production (from writing through mastering) and at all levels of production (from a full-blown retail-ready albums and film sound, to a single songwriter trying to birth life into their musical dreams).

    Oakwood offers a superior product by carefully combining time-tested analog engineering strategies with cutting-edge computer technology. Complete attention is devoted to every detail, and feeding off the client’s own ideas offers a fresh perspective to every project. Every step of the production process provides an opportunity to give a client the unique sound they are seeking. From gear selection and mic placement to the extensive processing power of our audio mainframe, we constantly seek to do things in new and creative ways, while always putting the client's goals first.

    These days many of the technical aspects of sound production are handled in the digital domain. This gives us an extraordinary level of precision and control over every nuance of a recorded performance. That said, too much editing will suck the life out of a recording, and knowing how much to fix is essential. This is just one area where extensive experience comes in. Sometimes an artist or band wants to retain the energy of a performance without "fixing" much, and we embrace that approach as well. At Oakwood technical superiority always stays in check with the client's creative vision for the project.

    Your sound is your expression. At Oakwood Recording Studios we promise to be dedicated to your complete satisfaction with your experience here, and are committed to building strong, long-term relationships that make music for years to come!

    Our 4-part commitment: You, Your sound, Your expression, Our promise.

    John Howard
    Owner, Oakwood Recording Studios