• Once we carefully get your music into the digital realm, we have extensive mixing and editing capabilities! We offer complete control over every part of your sound. Leave your tracks natural, as they were when they were recorded, or process them as much as you like. We have an exhaustive array of top notch effects available (see our Equipment List at the bottom of The Studio page). Combine all of our effects with complete automation capabilities and the only limit is our combined imaginations!

    Our Role is Your Decision: At Oakwood, our role can vary widely, from engineers who can simply do what they’re told, to full producers who can provide a lot of creative input. You just need to let us know what you want! Your goals are our goals and we want our clients to feel comfortable with where the production process is taking their project artistically.

    Quality is our first priority! Regardless of the size of the project or our degree of involvement, we always strive for a great sound. We approach the miking, editing, mixing and mastering of a demo just as carefully as we would with a full production album. Of course demos don’t take nearly as long to complete simply because there aren’t as many tracks, but at Oakwood we put the same passion for great sound at the forefront of everything we do!