• No matter what your music style, high-quality audio mastering with a great mastering engineer should always be the final step of your recording project. A well-done mastering job can be the difference between your project sounding like a "demo", or having a Grammy-Winning Sound.....

    Mastering is an art unto itself. It is the last step in the production process and offers the chance to put that final touch on your project. Clients typically describe the effect as “bigger”, “louder”, “fuller”, “wider”, and “big label sound”. While this is probably the most exciting and most noticed benefit of mastering, attaining commercial levels without smashing the dynamics and musicality out of a carefully crafted mix — that’s the real trick! And that’s where our experience and equipment really make a difference.

    For albums or compilations, proper mastering will also place the songs in context with each other (sonically speaking) in a way that provides a greater sense of continuity while still retaining each song’s unique character. This creates a product that is greater than the sum of its parts and sounds consistently great on a variety of playback systems.

    Mastering involves a combination of several processes performed on the mix. We have both analog and digital processors, and each process is chosen and customized for the needs of each project:

    • Media Transfer
    • Normalization
    • Equalization
    • Single/Multi-band Compression
    • Single/Multi-band Expansion
    • Single/Multi-band Limiting
    • Analog Tape Emulation
    • Full Automation

    It doesn’t matter where you live or what level of production you’re doing, we can make your mixes sound warmer, sweeter, more powerful, or more pristine — whatever your music needs to sound more professional! We accept a multitude of media formats and make it easy to work with us, long distance through the mail, or by transferring files back and forth through secure Dropbox, Google Drive, or FTP sites. Whatever your delivery preference, we’ll get it back to you in short order, sounding better than ever!