• The field of forensics is rapidly advancing. Fueled by the latest technological achievements in computers, biology & chemistry, the contributions of audio processing are becoming more and more useful as new DSP algorithms are constantly being developed to do a better job of cleaning up compromised recordings. At Oakwood we find ourselves on the cutting edge of such technologies because we frequently require them for our work with music and sound for picture. As a result, we are very well equipped for any audio clean-up project. From surveillance recordings to phone calls to taped confessions that are poorly recorded at the police station, ORS can greatly reduce background noise and increase intelligibility up to 80%.

    We have seen cases where a judge allowed recordings to be entered into evidence that were originally too poor to be admissible, even with a transcript! We do not disclose any information about these clients or their cases! However, we are happy to provide you with other examples that will illustrate the vast improvement our processing can have on your recordings.