• Audio Production Education

    - We offer courses in the fields of audio production and music creation.
    - Personal instruction from industry professionals who do this stuff day in and day out.
    - Lessons are held in the studio from day one, at different times throughout the week to better suite students' schedules.
    - Unlike a traditional classroom setting, we strive to provide a casual, creative atmosphere that provides the freedom for students to inquire and explore their own ideas.
    - Less expensive than schools, more hands-on than taking online courses, and more individualized instruction than either one!
    - Tuition includes the books and necessary gear to get started, with no application fee.
    - We will be open, honest, and up front with you (before you sign up) about what we can and cannot do for you; what you can expect to get out of our courses; and we will not make promises about your future that no one could possibly predict!  Our number one goal is for students to actually learn something, not just earn a certificate.

  • Course List

    'The Core' (Includes Recording I, Mixing I, & Ear Training)
    Recording II
    Mixing II
    Audio Post
    Audio Restoration
    Studio Design